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Know.                                       Practise. Apply.

Leading yourself

  • Personal success strategies – basics
  • Personal success strategies – balance of your own resources
  • Personal success strategies and team work – advanced module
  • Self-management and stress management

  • Leadership and personality – leadership by example
  • Advanced seminar for High Potential – Leading by example
  • Assume the leadership role
  • Leadership by target agreement
  • Managing feedback conversations / annual conversations
  • Delegate and control
  • FLeadership and strategy
Target work

  • Leadership by agreement on objectives
  • Systems of Target Agreements
  • Balanced Scorecard

  • Introduction of change mentors
  • Qualification of a change board
  • Handling change in a constructive way
Solving problems systematically and creatively Strategic thinking and taking action
Project Management

  • Basic Tools
  • Project Management Education – Leading Project Teams
  • Project Management Education – Measures to stabilize project management competencies and skills
  • Development program for project managers
Communication and communication techniques

  • Conflict and critical conversations
  • Moderation (of large groups)
  • Argumentation in groups
  • Discussion and communication training
  • Negotiate sucessfully
Team Development

  • Leading teams successfully
  • Role clarification
  • Handling conflicts within a team
Intercultural Cooperation

  • International executive development
  • Design of intercultural cooperation
Public Performance

  • Succesful performance in front of cameras
  • Speech communication and rhetoric
  • Public speaking and performance
Creativity methods / techniques

  • Provide Support for Innovation Projects
  • Training of modern creativity techniques
  • Creative problem-solving techniques
Media training

  • How to cope with journalists
  • How to speak on TV