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Cultural change

We show you different ways and possibilities

Would you like to change your corporate culture or realize development programs?

We understand ourselves as architects of your process design. It is a complex and difficult process – we have more than 20 years of experience in coaching and provide following services:

Analysis of your actual state regarding

  • Your personnel development
  • Change processes
  • Corporate cultures
Diagnosis by using field-tested/proven in practice methods, company-oriented methods as employees surveys, online interviews etc.
Consultancy in change processes by experts for your organizational structure
Concept development for the implementation of your specific roadmap
Coaching development and change processes
Evaluation to measure efficiency

Of course we provide a national and international implementation!

Support corporate change processes within your company

We give advice and support to you while taking different steps built upon each other. The first steps depend on the starting situation and on the client’s demands.

  1. Definition of the starting situation
  2. Development of vision and model development
  3. Strategy development (Roadmap)
  4. Implementation of target systems
  5. Development programs for executives
  6. Evaluation and success monitoring