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Development programs

for executives – our philosophy

In order to ensure continuously good leadership skills in your company, it is advisable to train leadership qualities to executives. While working for more than 20 years in the field of executive coaching we focussed on some essential principles.

In our understanding leadership skills mean:

  • The executive assumes the leadership role in an active and pro-active way, even in difficult situations. A leader acts competently, courageously and future-oriented, both with regard to internal and external subjects and conflict situations. Leaders are aware of their function as a role model:
  • The executive encourages a vital community, its members should complement each other. The community members respect and support each other for the benefit of the company so that there is an open and motivated atmosphere.
  • The executive defines reasonable action steps – in cooperation with the staff and/or colleagues and realizes these steps in a constructive and reflective way.
  • The executive bundles forces in his team so that everybody acts in concert.
  • The executive participates actively in developing the conception of future-oriented structures, process operations and products.

The essential points are the values of the company as well as those of the executive. Every person has to develop his leading skills and give them a personal style. His management style should correspond to the leader’s true nature so that people can trust him and he may serve as a positive role model.

The development of these leadership skills is a process making clear that difficult situations cannot be managed by some personal tricks, but that it is a process demanding much effort, openness and trust, until a subject or a problematic situation can be solved in a promising and successful way.

In our development programs and workshops we impart basic knowledge about how people behave in labour situations. Executives learn to accept and esteem their character. They reflect on how to use their strengths in a constructive and useful way so that day-to-day subjects and situations will be combined with resources of their own personality.

Jarchow & Partner conceives development programs for executives mostly as curriculum development tailored to the needs of the target groups. In order to optimize these programs they are sustained by

  • Networking
  • Coaching
  • Project Work
  • Mentoring

Target groups

  • Future leaders / management trainees
  • Leaders with up-to 3 years of experience
  • Leaders with more than 3 years of experience
  • Project Managers
  • Members of the Board

Some areas of competence which could be developed

  • The basis of leadership is that the executive him-/herself assumes the leadership role
  • The executive should find and enhance his leadership style
  • Handling envy and power
  • Team development and building a consensus within the team
  • Organising meetings efficiently
  • Solving problems and conflicts
  • Planning the future and developing strategies
  • Handling complex situations
  • Change management

We focus on working with real current labour situations of the concrete leadership practice of the participants of our workshops. Elaborate case studies enable us to learn about the theoretic tools based on our own experiences and to reflect on them. The participants learn by studying the examples of the other workshop participants, so that they are able to improve their different action alternatives and learn a different way of solving problems.

An essential benefit for your company is the networking of executives, in this way interface friction can be reduced.

The curriculum is being completed by a mentor coaching, i.e. an experienced manager supports the executive during his development process. We will assist you in choosing the appropriate mentors and offer an introduction to their tasks.

Development programs could be completed by trainings to learn more skills. Sometimes a program reduction can be useful, particularly if you want to develop senior managers who already dispose of high experience and have the potential of much more demanding tasks. In this case a specific coaching may be more helpful.

Development programs for executives – overview

  • To put the finishing touches for the top management
  • Advanced modules for experienced executives
  • Basic knowledge for junior managers and younger managerial staff
  • Education of project managers
  • Task-oriented coaching
  • Mentor programs for executives
  • Development of an internal/ in-house network and interface work
  • Development and implementation of internal / in –house projects