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Our focus is coaching – it’s a process which is essential for every company in order to be able to adjust itself to the permanently changing circumstances. We have developed a holistic approach which is composed of many single aspects.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a counselling process which breaks through blockades of perception (blind spots) and may help to get started a self-management process. This can be done by reflection about business actions supported by an internal or external coach.

Where coaching is needed

  • The enormous increase of complexity in professional life demands new knowledge and a different way to accept challenges
  • Career enhancement and career planning
  • Wish to increase work efficiency
  • Feeling somehow uneasy in the workplace
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Wish to increase the assertiveness

Forms of Coaching

  • Personal Coaching
  • Target group coaching, e.g. for project managers
  • Group Coaching, e.g. for junior managers trainees
  • Team Coaching
  • Systems Coaching and Relationships
  • Shadow Coaching

Competencies of our Coaches

Personal maturity Knowledge of your own competencies and weaknesses
Field expertise Track record in professional and executive roles, media experience …
Advisory skills analytical skills, we offer total confidentiality …
Method skills Knowledge of different models, psychological knowledge …
Ethic principles Economic and personal independence from the coachee, confidentiality …

First questions:

  • What happens if there is no coach?
  • Defining the problems by the coachee
  • Define some useful kinds of approach
  • Coaching Qualifications

Coaching may be the ideal way in times of organizational change processes. Individual and organization efficiency increase are the result.