Occupational Training 4.0 – Digitalization: Driver and Stabilizer of Professional Development

Digitalization is invariably accompanied by changes in the skills employees need. In order to meet these requirements, digitalized training programs are invaluable. As a company’s use of digital technologies increases, employees learn new IT skills automatically. At the same time, however, non-digital competences such as self-reflection – as well as other social, communicative, and creative competencies – remain as relevant as ever. Digitalization entails new demands when it comes to the actual content of occupational training, but also offers new opportunities for learning – the result of the interaction between the growing need for occupational training and the new opportunities for imparting knowledge. The most important motivation for using digital learning, according to the companies themselves, is that they can be easily integrated into everyday work processes.

Our approach is hybrid. This means we combine the extraordinary potential of digitalization with that of face-to-face events.

Information on the digitalization of company surveys, feedback meetings, discussions, and much more can be found on our Self-Locator page.

Information on face-to-face products can be found on the following pages: Cultural Change, Development Programs, Training, Coaching

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